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Apex Sealing S1BB Mechanical Seal Repair

Apex Sealing did a recent mechanical seal repair of our S1 Big Bore 1.750", Silicon Carbide vs Silicon Carbide, Aflas 316SS.

As received Repaired to like new condition

Mode of Failure:

When product dries, it leaves a powder on the seal faces. The faces were stuck together during pump startup. When the pump started up, the impact of the anti-rotation pins caused the Silicon Carbide faces to break.

Repair Process:

During the repair, we used a complete mechanical seal repair kit in this seal. We added new; Tungsten Carbide Rotary face, Tungsten Carbide Stationary face, Aflas O-rings, springs, setting clips, set screws, Teflon back-up rings and Teflon gland gasket. We informed the customer to use a flush to keep the seal faces clean and switched them to Tungsten Carbide faces.

Delivery & Savings:

Turnaround of Two days with a customer savings of $261.

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