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AES CURC 1.375" Cartridge Seal Repair

A pump shop customer wanted to save money by repairing their seal instead of purchasing a new one. They sent in their cartridge seal and we went to work!

AES CURC before and after seal repair

Mode of Failure:

Upon disassembly and evaluation of the seal, our repair technicians noted the seal faces had shown excessive wear and loss of flatness. The grooved faces produced a leak path, which was caused by dirty product running between the faces.

Repair Process:

During the repair, we replaced the Carbon Rotary insert, L-shaped Silicon Carbide Stationary, Viton O-rings, Non-Asbestos Gland Gasket, Aluminum setting clips with cap screws, setting screws, Dog points and springs. We were able to clean and reuse all metal parts.

Observations and Tips:

Seal faces are the primary seal, and typically tend to be the first area that will start to leak. This is one of the most common causes of seal failure. A tip to avoid this happening in the future, is to run external water into the flush port of the gland to keep faces clean and cool.

Total cost = $339 | Turnaround = 2 days

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