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Apex Sealing's products are used across a wide range of industry sectors. The wide spectrum of demands in each industry require a broad selection of mechanical seal solutions. Here are a few of the common industries we serve:

Chemical Plant

Chemical Processing

Applications in the chemical processing industry have long been known to be difficult to seal due to their corrosive nature. Apex Sealing offers a wide variety of different sealing options for chemical processing applications. 

Common Seals Used:


Welded Bellows Cartridge (S1WBC)

Single Cartridge with Flush S1

Single Cartridge

with Flush (S1)

Dual Cartridge with Pumping Ring D2PR

Dual Cartridge with Pumping Ring (D2PR)


Welded Metal Bellows (WB400/450/800)

Oil & Gas

Common Seals Used:

Oil Platform

Single Spring Shaft Seals (A1)


Single Cartridge with Flush (S1)


Dual Cartridge with Pumping Ring (D2PR)

WG3 3.png

Triple Lip Cartridge Seal (WG3)

The Oil & Gas industry is one of the most important industries in the world. From the plastic we use to package our food and essential items, the fuel to run our vehicles and how we heat our homes, these are all produced from the Oil & Gas industry. Below are some of our most common sealing applications used within this industry:

Water & Wastewater

Common Seals Used:

Flygt removed.png

Seal Replacements for Flygt™ Pumps (ESWW)


Single Spring Shaft Seal (A1)


Single Spring Shaft Seal (A2)

S1 front.png

Single Cartridge with Flush (S1)

Food & Beverage

Wastewater Treatment Plant Image by Ivan Bandura

Municipal Water and Industrial treatment plants are strictly regulated and must comply with government mandated water quality regulations that can be costly. The purification and treatment of water and wastewater is essential for our communities. Apex Sealing can offer solutions for all plant applications.

The Food & Beverage industry has specific safety regulations and standards that must be met. Apex Sealing offers sealing solutions that can help reduce water consumption while also complying with strict FDA regulations.   

Common Seals Used:

SAN7 white_edited.png

Sanitary Outside Seal (SAN7)


Dual Cartridge with Pumping Ring (D2PR)

wb800 white_edited.png

Welded Metal 

Bellows (WB800)

Tanker Ship 2.jpg


The Marine industry requires reliable mechanical seals that will withstand salt water corrosion and aggressive movement. It is important to install a seal that will help increase pump equipment uptime. Apex Sealing offers a large inventory of different metric shaft seals and our S1 cartridge.

Common Seals Used:

Multiple Spring Component Shaft Seal (A9T)
Metric Shaft Seal (ES130)
Single Spring Shaft Seals (A1M)
Single Cartridge with Flush (S1)


The Pharmaceutical industry has challenging and unique sealing requirements. Between the industry's reliability and safety standards as well as environmental regulation compliance, Apex Sealing has the solutions.

Science Lab

Common Seals Used:

S1 front.png

Single Cartridge with Flush (S1)

Dual Cartridge with Pumping Ring (D2PR)


Mixer & Agitator Seal (DHPDB)

Mixer & Agitator Seal (DSSDB)
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