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Triple Lip Cartridge Seal

Triple Lip Cartridge Seal


Features & Benefits

  • Combination of Hiflon™ dynamic lips, silicon carbide sleeves and unique grease compound eliminates “Start-up Seal Stick”

  • Thick sleeve cross section for added strength

  • Stainless steel outboard bushing reinforces silicon carbide sleeve and allows for shaft O-ring change out without pump disassembly

  • Can tolerate large amounts of radial runout (.030” / 0.8 mm) and axial float up (.125” / 3.2 mm)

  • Clasp O-ring ( Aflas or Kalrez standard ) loads and reinforces the primary lip throughout the seal’s life

  • Available in back to back and tandem modes for critical applications with API Plan 54/53/52

  • Available in a variety of metallic contact materials: SS316, Alloy-20, Hastelloy C276/ C22 & Titanium.

  • Self-aligned design for easy installation.

  • Bi-directional capability.

  • Specially formulated grease for reliable lubricant film at the lip to sleeve contact point.

  • Site repairable (kits available).

Standard Materials of Construction

  • Dynamic Lips: HiFlon™

  • Sleeve: Sintered Silicon Carbide (standard); 316 SS with Hardened Coating

  • Metallurgy: 316SS, Alloy 20, Hast C 276, Titanium

  • Reinforcement Bushing: 316SS

  • Clasp O-ring: Aflas, PTFE Encapsulated or Perfluoroelastomer 

  • Elastomers: FKM, PTFE Encapsulated

Operating Limits

  • Pressure: Up to 10 BAR (150 psi)

  • Temperature: -53° C to 149° C

  • Specific Gravity: >0.5

  • Surface Speed: 15 m/s

  • Maximum runout: 0.8mm

  • Axial Motion: +/- 0.125"

  • Viscosities: Up to 500,000 cp

WG3 drawing

*Registered Trademarks: Apex recognizes all trademark names as the property of their owners. 

Hastelloy® - Haynes / Viton® - DuPont / Kalrez® - DuPont / AFLAS® - ASHAI Glass / Chemraz® - Greene Tweed

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