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Single Spring Elastomer
Bellows Seal


A210 dimensions metric

Features &


  • Full Convolution Bellows design helps compensate for face wear

  • Bi-directional

  • Interlocking drive band design allows for positive drive

  • Design fits DIN24960

  • Interference fit of seal face minimizes effects of face stick

  • Equivalent to John Crane® Type 2100, US Seal® Type G

A210 dimensions inches

Standard Materials of Construction

Operating Limits


  • Carbon Graphite (Resin Impregnated), Antimony-Impregnated Carbon, Silicon Carbide, Tungsten Carbide


  • Buna, Viton®, Aflas®, Neoprene, EPDM


  • 304, 316, Monel

  • Pressure: 150 PSI.

  • Temperature: 20°F to +300°F

*All industry standard “PS” numbers are available. Just provide us with the “PS” number required or one used on previous orders.

A210 drawing
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