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Mixer Seals

SSDB-E2 .jpg

Dry Running Agitator
Seals (SSDB-E2)

  • Economical alternative to gland packing

  • Dual balanced seal design

  • Self lubricating faces

  • For vessel pressure up to 6 BAR

  • GMP version available

  • Innovative seal setting mechanism

  • Long & Reliable service life


Double Cartridge Seal (DSSUT)

  • Reliable design, proven track record

  • Pressurized sealant

  • Factory tested cartridge construction

  • Available with/without bearing

  • Available in double dry version for sterile applications

  • Jacketed housing


Double Dual Balanced Cartridge Seals (DSSDB)

  • For high pressure, low speed autoclaves

  • Dual balanced seals with auto-reversal for maximum safety

  • Cooling jacket a standard feature

  • Hydraulically balanced & stress free stationary faces

  • Split clamping avoids shaft damage


Double Dual Balanced Heavy Duty Cartridge Seals (DHPDB)

  • Spring stationary design for high speed

  • Minimum fretting & vibrations

  • Independent of pad flange squareness & thermal distortions of the equipment

  • Safe & secure split clamps for torque transmission

  • Dual balanced heavy duty seal with auto-reversal for maximum safety


Double Cartridge Seal (SCS/SSUV)

  • Inboard seal designed to handle the slurry

  • Can be used for higher speeds

  • Integral pumping ring option

  • Guided sealant flor for better head dissipation

  • Special design for floating shafts with linear expansion

  • Available with/without bearing

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