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S1WBC Single Welded Bellows Cartridge


Pressure Testing


Apex Sealing was established in 2004. Our goal was to fill a market need for a mechanical seal company with a broad, diverse and high quality inventory of mechanical seals, ready for same day shipment. Over the last two decades, Apex Sealing has enhanced those goals to establish these five cornerstones of service for our diverse customer base;

  • Quality: Everything in our business begins and ends with product quality and technical accuracy. Product quality is the basis for sealing reliability which is in turn the foundation for our customer’s success.

  • Application Assurance: Our employees bring years of sealing experience to every application that our customers need to satisfy.

  • Inventory Depth and Diversity: We have earned our reputation of having the right seal on the shelf today. Although impossible to have every seal for every pump, we have proven to our customers that more often than not, we will get your sealing solution on the truck today.

  • Expedited Solutions: If we don’t have the right seal ready to ship, we will build it. If we can't build it immediately, we will utilize our network of suppliers to find it for you. If engineered solutions are required, we will provide you with answers right away, typically within a day. We are in a "right now" industry and we take that seriously.

  • Customer Profitability: Simply stated, we believe if our customers increase their profitability by using Apex Sealing, they will be back again down the road. We will do everything in our power to increase your profitability as well as enhance your sealing reliability.


Thank you for considering Apex Sealing Inc. and we look forward to serving you soon!



Mechanical Seal Repair

Seal Repair

Our seal repair division offers: 

  • ​Decades of mechanical seal experience

  • Repair of all brands of mechanical seals

  • Thorough, documented seal break down

  • Seal analysis concentrated on root causes of failure

  • Meticulous reassembly of seals to like-new operating condition 

Precision Measuring

Seal Identification & Applications

One of the most challenging aspects of pump repair can be determining what is required to replace the previous seal. Apex Sealing will not only help you identify the old seal, but will offer you logical upgrades as necessary. Improve your service by relying on our experience.

Custom designs

Custom Engineering

Our customers have come to expect long term solutions to very challenging mechanical seal applications. There are logical, proven solutions for temperature, pressure, speed, unique equipment and aggressive fluids. We pride ourselves on providing the correct seal for the application quickly and cost effectively. These are not problems, these are opportunities.


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Tel: 888-730-2739 or 802-524-7100

Fax: 802-524-7112

Hours of Operation:

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