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Barrier Fluid System BF-PW

A straightforward, easily maintained seal support system, using plant water to provide lubrication to abrasive seal applications.

Barrier Fluid System


  • System is piped directly to plant water source

  • Easy to read flow indicator to visually monitor feed water supply

  • Water supply regulator and pressure gauges are standard

  • Non-return valve standard to protect back flow to water supply

  • Flexible metal hoses connect directly to seal ports

  • Air vent valve for safe pressure management in vessel

  • Fill and drain valves for easy maintenance


  • Eliminates expensive constant flush and wasteful discharge, while lubricating seal faces

  • Water consumption is drastically reduced, saving customers thousands of dollars annually

  • Seal faces are provided with clean, reliable lubrication of plant water, enhancing cooling and reducing face wear from abrasive grit

  • Flow indicator gives immediate visual alert of seal failure


Design Pressure:

  • 261 PSI 

Max Working Pressure:

  • 174 PSI

Max Working Temp:

  • 302°F


  • 3 Gallons


  • 25lbs

BFPW Drawing
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