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Barrier Fluid System BF-HW

A reliable and economical seal reservoir system, designed for one of the most difficult sealing applications - hot water.

Barrier Fluid System

BFHW Drawing

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  • ASME Welded vessel safely contains the pressurized high temperature system

  • Finned seal lines

  • Welded armored sight gauge for easy fluid level monitoring

  • Direct controlled piping from the pumps discharge

  • High pressure thermal relief valve for easy maintenance


  • Used with standard double cartridge seals

  • System cools sealing area, specifically the seal faces

  • Uses pump discharge pressure to "charge" the vessel

  • Internal cooling coils draw heat from closed loop system

  • "Finned" seal lines extract heat from system

  • Every subsequent system loop further reduces temperature. This thermal siphoning effect enhances circulation

  • A reduced fluid temperature helps to maintain the fragile film of fluid that lubricates the critical seal faces

  • This system often replaces expensive heat exchangers


Design Pressure:​

  • 261 PSI

Max Working Pressure:

  • 174 PSI

Max Working Temp:

  • 302°F 


  • 3 Gallons


  • 25lbs

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