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Barrier Fluid System BF 52-53

The industries most common barrier/buffer system reservoir for pressurized (API Plan 53) and unpressurized (API Plan 52) sealing requirements.

Barrier Fluid System

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  • Industry standard fluid support system for double mechanical seals

  • 304 or 316 stainless construction

  • Internal cooling coils are standard and enhance thermal convection to reduce heat at the seal faces

  • Port for alarm switches (high/low level)

  • Armored sight gauge to monitor proper barrier fluid level

  • All necessary connections for pressurization, venting, fill and drain seal lines and level alarms

  • Easy mounting and installation


  • Reliable barrier between hazardous and toxic fluids and the environment

  • Provides critical lubrication to double seals during operation

  • Accommodates pressurized (API Plan 53) or non-pressurized (API Plan 52) requirements

  • Assures safety of plant personnel and environment

  • Can be used with many different critical applications

  • Can be adapted to various process pressures, temperatures and aggressive media

  • Enhanced cooling in seal area


Design Pressure:​

  • 261 PSI 

Max Working Pressure:

  • 174 PSI

Max Working Temp:

  • 302°F 


  • 3 Gallons


  • 25lbs

BF5253 Drawing
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